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Linda "Lady Fish"

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"I've lived it myself, so I understand what these women go through every day. Permanent makeup can transform the person and give them their beauty again. It makes them feel good about themselves, and I can feel their confidence growing from within."

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Just imagine... wake up to a brand new day, look in the mirror and your makeup has already been prepared. No more struggling with drawing eyebrows, only to have them smear off. Or getting a perfect eyeliner, just to wind up with black eyes. Or reapplying lipstick all day, to have it bleed into those fine wrinkles. Imagine: swim, work or play without the hassle of having to touch up your makeup.

Linda "Ladyfish" Frank makes this fantasy a reality. She has been practicing in the permanent makeup field since 1979 and has been trained in the art industry from the age of nine

This service also appeals to those with sparse or no eye-brow, vision problems, unsteady or arthritic hands, or allergies. It can help correct such imperfections as thin or uneven lips, or sparse or light eyelashes. Always Perfect also provides reconstruction of breast areola color, as well as pigment disorders and scar camouflaging.

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Makeup That Ages With You
I keep careful track of all procedures, and detailed records on every client.